Frequently Asked Questions

Here is where you find some of the tech support for different versions of Medword. If you have further questions, please consult the Help manual which comes packaged with Medword. If your question is not answered by these means, please contact us at, or fill out the contact form from the 'Contact' link, above.

How do I use the audio player?
Go to the number pad key on the right hand side of the keyboard. The controls are arranged in a plus-sign pattern. 5, the center key, is Play. 8 is Pause, 4, is Rewind, 6, is Fast Forward, and 2 is Stop. To pause your recording you can also press Play (5) a second time, and it will pause the recording. If you press Stop (2), the slider bar will move back to the start position.

Is Medword compatible with Microsoft Word?
Yes, you can save documents in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format.

Can I make modifications to MedBase?
Yes, you can add your own words to the end of the dictionary.
  1.Open MedBase (Ctrl + M or Tools > Open MedBase).
  2.Type in both the word and the shortcut or phonetic spelling you want to use.
  3.Press the 'Add' button.

How does the phonetic dictionary work?
  The Medword phonetic dictionary eliminates most vowel sounds, which are typically far more difficult to acquire than consonants.

To open the full MedBase dictionary, click on Tools>Open MedBase, or press Ctrl+M. You can also run the smart word completion feature by selecting 'Enable Autocorrect' from the Tools menu.

The phonetic aspect of the dictionary works by two simple rules.
  RULE ONE: Vowel Sounds Are A,E,I,O, and U.

Vowel combinations such as ae, ie, or ou aren't necessary. Just type what you hear: 'a','e','i','o', or 'u' as appropriate.

'Y' is not considered a vowel.

  RULE TWO: Vowels Are Spelled At The Beginning And End, But Not In The Middle, Of A Word

The only vowels that are spelled out are at the beginning and end of the word. ALL OTHER LETTERS are consonants.
Take this example: abarelix.
How do you think this word is spelled in the dictionary? If you guessed 'abrlx' or 'abrlks', you are correct.

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